Welcome to SoundSound

SoundSound is the trading name of Engineer Producer ‘DanDan’ FitzGerald. The business was primarily Live Sound during the Eighties and Nineties. Recordings of gigs led to studio work. DanDan became an in-demand freelance Recording Engineer. At one stage, three of his records simultaneously reached the top ten of the Irish CD Charts.

SoundSound Studio, founded in 1995, is DD’s personal use facility in Cork City, Ireland.

It is designed so that up to 5 musicians can play live, while isolated sonically in separate rooms. The rooms are temporarily acoustically treated to suit the instrument being recorded. Two rooms are permanently and extensively treated. The Nursery (where hits are born…) is a dedicated vocal room.  The White Room is a critical listening zone.

The White room is a Mastering Class environment, which, including the ADAM S3A speakers, boasts a plus or minus 4.5dB frequency response, with incredible resolution. Acoustic treatment was done by our sister company Irish Acoustics.

Many projects start at home or in other studios and then come to  SoundSound to get the best Vocal Recordings, Mixes, and Masters.

Location Recording has been a SoundSound speciality since the beginning. Gigs are easily recorded.  Pianos,  Drums,  String Quartets, can benefit from recording in large great sounding rooms.  We have arrangements with several choice venues. Way back, Les Paul recorded many hit records in his garage. The Band set up one of the first full quality studios in their home at Big Pink.  Our rigs are easily installed for those House in the Country albums. We can go where the sound and performance is best then bring it back home to make it shine.

We have done a considerable amount of work for TV and Film. Our Location equipment is designed to synch and interface easily with Camera. We have developed Post Production skills and equipment up to the level of  5.1 Mixing.