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SoundSound Recording Studio

Welcome to SoundSound

This is the Trading Name of Sound Engineer and Producer 'DanDan' FitzGerald. Beginning in the 80's the business was PA and Live Sound Mixing.   Freelance Live work continues, but since 95 SoundSound has been a Recording Studio.. The facility allows up to 5 musicians to perform live while sonically isolated. The Nursery (where hits are born) is a dedicated Vocal space with maximum isolation and quietness. The White Room allows Mixing and Mastering in an EBU Calibrated Critical Listening Space. A lifetime of collected state of the art equipment spans from the late 1950's to right now. 

SoundSound Recording Studio Gear


SoundSound Recording Studio Vintage Neumann Microphones
SoundSound Recording Studio Chilton QM3 Mixing Desk
Early Radio Valves at SoundSound Recording Studio

DD has extensive experience of making records anywhere and every where. From Cobh Cathedral's Carillion to California's Site Studio. Always and ever it is a matter of controlling the Location and choosing the right Microphones. 


This is where the nuggets are polished. Experience of Live Mixing greatly informs Mixing Records,  and vice versa. SoundSound also has extensive Post Production experience in Movie and TV work, including 5.1 Surround. 


A couple of Radio Valves from 1910 remind us who our ultimate  client is.  Our Control Room is Acoustically Treated and Calibrated by to fairly represent what real people hear in the real world. From  Car to Streaming, our aim is to deliver the same tonal balance everywhere. Our work is certified to  Apple Digital Masters  standards to ensure best sound quality on all platforms. 


DanDan FitzGerald

From boyhood DD had a fascination for Electronics. His first Record Player was DIY.  A  household Philips Tape Recorder sowed seeds for the future.  A career in  audio  began  with live mixing of acoustic performers, Jimmy Crowley and Stokers Lodge, Freddie White, and subsequently Mary Black. This broadened to freelance, festivals, USA and Spanish tours with NightNoise, Liam Óg O Flionn, Paula Cole. Solas.   Recordings of concerts on the early Sony F1  found their way onto records. Soon ‘DanDan’ was an in-demand Recording Engineer, with at one point 3 CDs simultaneously in the Irish Top10.   A spell living in the USA culminated in a Billboard number 4 chart placement for  the NightNoise Distant Shore Album. While there DD became a Member of the Audio Engineering Society. Film and TV sound work led to working with International stars such as Tom Waits, Emmylou Harris, Los Lobos, And Di Franco, and Amy Winehouse. 

Both Live and Recording work continue to this day. In addition a formal  study of Acoustics began in the 2007. This led to a Diploma from,  and Membership of,  the Institute of Acoustics UK. Irish Acoustics is now a sister operation  to SoundSound. 

Mobile/WhatsApp   +353-(0)87-9034498
LandLine                  +353-(0)21-4896250
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